They Tried a New Treatment for Knee Pain and the Results Will Amaze You

What knee osteoarthritis sufferers go through

Painful would be an understatement.

What sufferers of knee osteoarthritis (knee OA) go through on a daily basis can be distressing in so many ways. It’s painful to walk, use the stairs, stand up…simple day-to-day activities can be so hard and painful.

Knee pain causes knee OA sufferers to miss out on what they really love to do in life. They can’t go where they love to go or do the things they love to do—and often, even if they can, they can’t do it with a smile. The pain and discomfort are just too great.

Compounded with the daily pain and disappointment, is the worry. The worry that the pain is just going to get worse. And the worry that the only way to treat the knee pain is through treatments that will disrupt their lives even more.

And here is some food for thought…

Knee replacement implants last only 10-15 years1. 85 to 90% of all total knee replacement surgeries performed are successful, however they last only for approximately 10 to 15 years, depending on the patient’s level of activity. If you are under 70, just do the math.

33% of knee replacement surgeries are unnecessary2. Clinical studies show that a large percentage of knee replacement surgeries could be avoidable. Unfortunately, many patients get referred to surgery prematurely when there is still clinical pathway that may postpone, or even prevent, the need for surgery.

Long term use of pain medication can lead to serious side effects3. Taking over-the-counter or prescription NSAID pain medication for a long time may cause serious side effects such as heart attack, stroke, kidney disease, and bleeding, especially in the elderly.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be like that…

An innovative new way to treat knee pain

Fortunately, for 98,000 people worldwide who have discovered AposTherapy®, there is a breakthrough way to treat pain without disrupting their daily lives, a treatment that can be done without medication, without injections, without surgery and without any other changes to their daily routines.

In the following Before and After video you can see 3 AposTherapy® patients’ walking patterns transform before your very eyes. This isn’t magic though, it’s science.

In the above video, the 3 patients suffering from knee OA made some incredible strides in a short period of time. You can even see a noteworthy change right from their first experiences walking with the AposTherapy® foot-worn device.

How Apostherapy® works

AposTherapy® doesn’t just treat your knee pain. It treats the cause of the pain—and its symptoms.

AposTherapy® treatment uses a shoe with special convex Pods under your fore-foot and heel. The Pods are custom-fitted to sync with your body’s frame and movement patterns. As you walk, the Pods shift the burden away from the painful area, providing relief. The Pods also stimulate and retrain the muscles around your leg-joints to cultivate a healthier walking style—even when you’re not wearing the shoes.

And AposTherapy® shows results. Dozens of clinical studies have found that the AposTherapy® treatment program significantly relieves pain and improves function in participants (compared to a control group).

No need to change your daily routine—your AposTherapy® treatment can be done in the comfort of your own home while performing daily activities such as walking to the kitchen to make coffee and sitting down to drink it.

For many people who use it regularly, AposTherapy® is like a reset button for the body.

How AposTherapy® can benefit you

AposTherapy® does not disrupt your life. AposTherapy® transformes your ordinary activities into a positive, comfortable rehabilitation process. AposTherapy® integrates seamlessly into your daily life and—under normal circumstances— does not require drugs or any other types of intervention.

Your body gets better by learning. As you walk, the AposTherapy® foot-worn device stimulates and retrains your muscles, and ultimately re-educates your body to adopt a healthier, more comfortable walking style—even when not wearing the shoes.

You’re in good hands. With AposTherapy®, your clinician will monitor your progress. As your walking gets better, the clinician will recalibrate your shoes in order to continuously optimize your treatment.

It’s clinically proven. Extensive clinical evidence and dozens of studies have found that AposTherapy® treatment significantly decreases pain and improves function (compared to a control group). The studies also show high patient satisfaction, as well as high compliance rates—meaning, people who use it are happy with it and continue to use it.

How can you get AposTherapy® treatment?

Are you suffering from pain and having trouble walking, using the stairs or doing daily activities?

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