98,000 Patients Worldwide: Non-Invasive Knee, Hip, Ankle and Lower Back Pain Treatment Programme

AposTherapy® is available on the NHS in certain localities as a treatment for severe knee and hip osteoarthritis. It is also available across the UK on a self-paid basis, to treat various other ankle, knee, hip and lower back conditions.”

Across the UK, chronic knee pain and other chronic musculoskeletal conditions are a growing concern. In recent years, knee replacements have surged throughout the world – in the UK the rate amongst women has tripled1. And the amount of people suffering from lower back pain is similarly alarming. An estimated one-third of adults in the UK are affected by lower back pain each year2.

Why is this happening to our bodies?

After years of misuse, injury and general wear and tear, our neuromuscular system—which is supposed to help protect our joints—can begin to malfunction. This results in imbalance and pain that results in further wear and tear, further malfunctioning and further pain. The downward spiral continues and the pain gets worse. Pain that limits walking, prevents activity, makes it difficult to get out of bed, go up and down stairs, sleep and more…

But the good news is, it is possible to train your muscles and nerves to function better.

AposTherapy® technology embedded in a footworn device

AposTherapy®’s innovative technology was developed by two leading physicians in the fields of orthopaedics and sports medicine. The two are world-class pioneers in non-invasive treatment of orthopaedic and neurological problems.

They began by delving into the plethora of scientific research about biomechanics and neurophysiology. Their investigation led to the development of the world’s first treatment programme for knee and other musculoskeletal disorders that is personalised according to each patient’s specific body frame, movement patterns, pathology type and pain location that works to improve their neuromuscular control within their natural environment and without any disruption to their daily routine.

Over the years, treatment results succeeded beyond expectation. AposTherapy® centres were opened throughout the UK, US, and Israel. Leading hospitals have also opened AposTherapy® clinics such as Mount Sinai, Beit Israel and Montefiore in New York, as well as medical centres in California and in other countries. The number of people receiving AposTherapy® has also increased – more than 98,000 people have already been treated. Clinical studies have shown the treatment to be effective for a number of knee, hip, ankle and lower back conditions, with no side effects, no invasive measures and no need for the patient to change their daily routine.

What is AposTherapy® technology and how long does it take to feel the improvement?

AposTherapy® is a groundbreaking treatment that uses a footworn device with special convex Pods under the patient’s fore-foot and heel.

The Pods’ placement is custom-designed to sync with the patient’s body frame and movement patterns. The technology helps correct existing deficiencies, cultivate correct movement patterns, alleviate pain and, over time, train the body to function better – even when not wearing the device.

For many patients, pain relief comes the first time they put on the AposTherapy® footworn device and is experienced each time they wear it. However, it is the repeated daily use of the device, over several months time, that results in the desired “carryover effect” – where the patient’s function is improved even when not wearing the device.

How good are the results of AposTherapy®?

AposTherapy® patients, women and men of all ages, tell their personal stories of overcoming pain and enjoying walking and moving again.

How do I start?

It's simple and easy. Click the button below to schedule a phone call at a time that is convenient for you and an AposTherapy® representative will call you.


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