The Secret to Knee and Lower Back Pain Relief
In Clinical Trials AposTherapy® was Shown to Decrease Pain While Improving Function and Coordination

Benefits of AposTherapy®

It’s not magic, it’s science. AposTherapy® is an FDA cleared, CE marked, non-invasive knee treatment with a 96% satisfaction rate.

What is AposTherapy®?

AposTherapy® uses a personalised footworn device to offload the pressure from your painful joints, improve your movement patterns and build your muscles’ control and coordination. Here’s how…

"I never really believed in a silver bullet, but progress has been made in both the knee and the back."
- Jim H., Patient

To date, people have been treated with AposTherapy®, worldwide.

How The AposTherapy® Device Works

The footworn device relieves pain and reduces knee pressure by distributing that pressure from the painful area of the knee.

Wearing the footworn device for about one hour per day retrains your muscles to move in a healthier walking pattern. Your body will then start to remember the pattern even when you’re not wearing the device.

How AposTherapy® Treatment Works

Every device is individually adjusted to fit your unique needs and is FDA cleared and CE marked.

Specially trained physiotherapists monitor and make adjustments to your treatment program over time.

Clinically Proven Treatment of Knee and Lower Back Pain

Clinical studies have shown a significant reduction in pain and improvement in function and quality of life, as well as a significant reduction in pain medication use.

According to a patient satisfaction survey, 98% of patients said that they would recommend AposTherapy® to friends and family.

Before and After with Real AposTherapy® Patients

See the difference AposTherapy® can make long term—and even just a few minutes later!
"The first day that I came in here and put these on I cried—because I could move and walk like a normal person again."
- Robert L., Patient

Relieve Your Pain & Improve Your Function

No Surgery

No Medications

1 hour a Day

Experience The Difference in the Way You Walk

These patients did—and you can, too.

Is AposTherapy® Right for You?

It is now possible to get AposTherapy® sent directly to you. For this service to be suitable for you, please confirm you have the following:

  • Video call service: We will need to speak with you via a video call
  • Mild to Moderate knee pain: If your knee pain seriously inhibits your regular daily function, this home pathway is not suitable for your needs (patients with severe pain are still eligible to receive treatment through clinics).
  • No contraindicating conditions: AposTherapy® is generally not suitable for people who suffer from severe balance problems, diabetic foot issues or Rheumatic disease (if the condition is systemic and primarily non-orthopedic such as RA, Lupus, etc)
  • £300: Treatment programme prices start from £300 and includes the footworn medical device, an initial consultation and follow up consultations

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