Walking, using the stairs or just doing simple daily things – shouldn’t be so difficult…
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If you suffer from knee, hip, lower back and ankle pain – You can relieve your pain and improve your daily function, safely, without medications, injections or surgery.

How? Keep on reading…

• Get better, get moving, get your life back.
• Non-invasive, no medications, personalised treatment.

Clinically Proven

Treatment backed with science and numerous clinical studies


No surgery
No injections


Safe treatment


The treatment is tailored to you

What is AposTherapy®?

AposTherapy® is a clinically proven treatment for knee, hip, lower back and ankle pain, which is personalised for you by a certified AposTherapy® clinician.

AposTherapy® effectively treats the causes of pain and the symptoms, with just 1 hour a day.

AposTherapy® retrains your muscles as you walk, teaching your body to adopt a healthy, comfortable walking style – even when not wearing the device.

No need to change your routine. Rather than adjusting your life to treatment, this is a treatment that adapts to you.

A potential alternative to surgery. AposTherapy® treats not only the pain, but also the biomechanical problems.

Before and after

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How can I get AposTherapy® treatment?

AposTherapy celebrates its 10 year UK anniversary and we are now offering a 12 month initial programme at a discounted price, for a limited time only.

The 12-month treatment programme includes:

  • The FREE initial consultation, in which you will have:
    • In-depth physiotherapy assessment to fully assess and diagnose your condition
    • A computerised gait assessment analysing your walking pattern
    • The opportunity to try the medical device and see how it can work for you (if you are suitable for the treatment)
  • The custom-calibrated AposTherapy® medical device, which you will use daily for your therapy, at a time most convenient to you
  • Advice and ongoing support about your condition from a specialised AposTherapy Certified Physiotherapist (ACPT)
  • 4-6 follow-up appointments spread across the year, in which your physiotherapist will adjust your device and treatment programme to ensure continued improvements

Take this opportunity to get your life back.

Schedule a call with us to find out more about AposTherapy and to discuss the detail of our 10 year celebration offer.

Success stories

"As soon as I put the boots on I realized that something amazing was happening because I was free"
"They have saved me from a life of pain...and they have given me back the freedom" - Christine
Judith took pain medications, her doctor even advised knee surgery, but she tried AposTherapy®…
How Pat avoided knee replacement surgery and gained back her quality of life
Dr Chris Steele (MBE), GP & resident ITV doctor explains how AposTherapy® works and benefits patients

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